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Conference room

The grand “Grejaus” (Gray’s) conference room, accommodating as much as 100 people, is already equipped and ready for use.

Didžioji konferencijų salė

Pasitarimų – seminarų kambarys

2 modern conference rooms, accommodating up to 60 and up to 120 people, as well as 2 seminar-meeting rooms are at your service. These rooms are a perfect place to organize one-day or multiple-day conferences, presentations, seminars, banquets, receptions or other meetings in the very heart of Lithuania – Kedainiai – in the hotel “Grejaus namas” (Gray’s house). The trip to Kedainiai is comfortable and near from any corner of Lithuania. Cosy, warm and work-oriented environment of the conference rooms will ensure the active mood throughout the day.

Didžioji konferencijų salė

Coffee breaks, official dinners, receptions are organized in the conference rooms. A special menu will be prepared in accordance with needs and capabilities of customers. The conference room is equipped with air conditioning system, which will help ensure active mood even on the hottest summer day.

The conference room offers equipment necessary for the conferences:

  • multimedia,
  • magnetic board,
  • screen,
  • TV and DVD player,
  • sound equipment (microphone, speakers),
  • wireless Internet.

The room is equipped with both natural and artificial lighting.

Table layout at the conference room:

Konferencijų salė

  • Conference room rental price: from LTL 60 for 1 hour.
  • Hotel guests shall receive a discount on the conference room rental.
  • Coffee breaks are organized in the conference room.
Konferencijų salė

Konferencijų salė