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Services for tourist groups

“Grejaus namas” is located in the center of Lithuania, near the main roads and has one of the few old towns in Lithuania, which is increasingly discovered by Lithuanian and foreign tourists. Due to its Scottish appearance and authentic XVIII century cellars, painted vaults as well as effort to convey the spirit of the ancient city of Kėdainiai, the restaurant and hotel “Grejaus namas” is often included in the tour group itineraries as a sightseeing object and a place to eat. Here, tour guides are introduced to the role of the Scottish community that once lived in Kėdainiai in the city’s life. Even now, one can see the traces of fire in the cellars of “Grejaus namas” that took place in the XVIII century. The fire destroyed the stocks of Scot Jokūbas Grėjus.


The restaurant “Grejaus namas” organizes catering for tourist groups and offers an opportunity to learn more about the history of the city and at the same time to have a dinner surrounded by the authentic environment of the restaurant.

Tourist groups are offered 4 separate rooms to welcome guests; the rooms include a painted vaulted hall, authentic cellar space, private outdoor patio and a new modern hall.


28 cosy and modern hotel rooms invite to stay the largest group of guests even. The hotel can accommodate up to 72 guests at the same time.


If desired, we can arrange individual tours around the Old Town and the outskirts of Kėdainiai.

To get the special, individual offer please call +370 347 51500 or write at the address and we will find the best option for you.


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