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In 15th and 18th centuries many Scots emigrated to northern and middle – east Europe. They made a stop in Sweden, Poland and Prussia. Since 1630 Scots settled down in Kėdainiai. Here they became important participants of the economic life, the members of the town magistrate and Evangelical Reformats community. According to historians, Scottish people would often set off in search of “the Promised Land” where they hoped to find an “earthly paradise”.

From 1630 to 1750 about 130 Scots lived in Kėdainiai. The restaurant – hotel “Gray’s House” is located in the building which belonged to Scotchman Jacob Gray who was the member of town magistrate. In 1727 and 1730 Jacob Gray together with other Scots, the citizens of Kėdainiai, went to England to collect money for the poverty-stricken scots which lived in Kėdainiai.

In 1731 Jacob Gray together with other 8 members of Kėdainiai magistrate founded Societatis Commerciorum Association. In 1735 he rented out one small store which belonged to Evangelical Reformats Church.

In 1739 Kėdainiai town inventory list it was mentioned that two houses in Didžioji Street belonged to Jacob Gray. Besides, Jacob was a very active society member and in 1741 he became one of Kėdainiai burgomasters. It was the last time as Jacob Gray got a mention in the sourcebook.

Since 1765 the building in Didžioji Street belonged to Kėdainiai burgomaster J. Valentinovičius but in the town inventory list the house was still under the name “Gray‘s brick house” or “kamienica grejowska”.